Ana Carolina



Programme officer, SwedBio

+46 8-674 7126



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Ana Carolina Marciano focuses primarily on SwedBio's marine programme, where she contributes to policy and practice related to marine and coastal socio-ecological systems

Her role as a member of the SwedBio team together with local partner organizations is to facilitate the dynamic between coastal and local communities, practitioners, policymakers, and researchers on developing strategies to manage marine/coastal resources based on social-ecological principles. The marine programme aims to contribute to a sustainable livelihood, equity, and poverty alleviation through gathering different knowledge and actors, to improve understanding and governance.

Marciano holds a biology degree from Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro and an MSc in environmental sciences with a focus on environmental communication and natural resources management from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. She is an outgoing and passionate environmental communicator with interests in environmental and social causes, in particular, local and traditional communities’ participation in natural resource management. Through the years, Marciano has worked with different themes such as community development and engagement, environmental and social studies, capacity building, fisheries management, and local development. In previous jobs, she has looked into understanding multiple actors’ perspectives on co-managing natural resources and trying to facilitate their dialogue toward a solution to environmental and social issues, such as fisheries management and lack of participation in decision-making.

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