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Patrik Henriksson primarily works on evaluating aquaculture products using life cycle assessment, positioning seafood in the global food portfolio, and antimicrobial use in aquaculture

Henriksson is a postdoctoral researcher at the Beijer Intistitute of Ecological Economics and Stockholm Resilience Centre. His background is in marine biology, with credits from Lund University (Sweden), Stockholm University (Sweden), UBC (Canada), and Bangor University (Wales).

Building upon his MSc, he later completed a PhD at Leiden University (the Netherlands), evaluating aquaculture products using life cycle assessment (LCA). After his disputation in 2015, he received funding from VINNOVA-VINNMER and WorldFish (Malaysia) for a post-doc position shared between the Beijer Institute, Stockholm Resilience Centre, and WorldFish.

From 2018, he continues as a researcher within the SeaWin project, funded by Swedish research agency, Formas. For the last few years, Henriksson has evaluated seafood systems in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Sweden. His research has also involved food production more generally, and antimicrobial use. He is also a proud member of Beijer Young Scholars (BYS).”

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