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  • Common-pool resources
  • Collective action
  • Economic lab and field experiments
  • Human behaviour
  • Social-ecological dynamics and complexities
  • Thresholds
  • Uncertainty

Caroline Schill is a postdoctoral researcher focusing on the behavioural dimension of complex social-ecological systems

Schill is a postdoctoral researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and is based at the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. In her research, Schill focuses on the behavioural dimension of complex social-ecological systems.

In the context of growing evidence of the relationship between human behaviour and the likelihood of abrupt, and potentially persistent ecosystem change, Schill is interested in questions such as how humans perceive such changes, and their inherent uncertainties, how we respond to them, and, in turn, what implications our responses have for sustainable development.

The inter-disciplinary and collaborative nature of her work is driven by her curiosity about the behavioural aspects in human-environment interactions in general, and, specifically, to uncover critical social-ecological factors and mechanisms underlying collective action, sustainable resource use and stewardship.

Schill uses a combination of overall quantitative methods, including behavioural economic experiments, surveys/interviews, and agent-based modelling. She applies the experimental technique, her main method, both in the lab (with students) and the field (with actual common-pool resource users).

Schill holds two Master’s degrees, combining fields in the social and applied sciences with fields from the natural sciences. She holds a MSc in Management (‘Diplom’ in German) from the University of Mannheim in her native country Germany, where she studied business management, economics, and system dynamics, including one semester abroad at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand. Her second Master’s degree she holds in ‘Ecosystems, Resilience and Governance’ from Stockholm University.

Prior to her PhD studies, Schill was a research assistant and intern at several research institutions in Germany, Sweden, and Iceland. She also gathered significant experience at various consultancy jobs as a freelance student consultant. The collaborative and project management skills she gained in these professional experiences, as well as her prior management studies, benefit her work as a researcher.

Since 2015, Schill is a member of the Beijer Young Scholars network. From 2013-2015, Schill was an active member of the PhD council of Stockholm Resilience Centre, first as a vice-chair, and then as education representative.

Schill was part of the development of a funding proposal granted by FORMAS (Swedish research council) that funds part of her PhD studies: How do people respond to abrupt ecosystem changes? Using behavioural lab and field experiments to explore social-ecological linkages in common-pool resource systems (Drnr: 211-2013-1120). Project team members: Therese Lindahl (project leader), Anne-Sophie Crépin, Juan-Carlos Rocha, Caroline Schill.

Field work
In Jan/Feb 2016, Schill did field work in Colombia; specifically, economic field experiments in four different fishing communities along the Colombian Caribbean coast.

Schill is a lecturer in the module Drama of the Commons, and a teaching assistant in the module Economic approaches to analyse ecosystem support of humanity of the Master’s program of Stockholm Resilience Centre.

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