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The courses are open to external PhD students unless stated otherwise and subject to availability of space. Participation is free of charge

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Land Change Modelling: concepts and practice, 11-19 January with Ana Paula Dutra Aguiar and Francisco Gilney Bezerra (1.5 hp) (open to external PhD students)

Spatially-explicit land change models (LCM) quantify in time and space the relationships between determining factors (biophysical, socioeconomic, cultural and institutional) and the spatial and temporal patterns of change in land use and cover. In this course we cover the basic concepts and types of models to represent land change through a combination of lectures and practical exercises. The practical exercises will use the LuccME/TerraME modelling framework. (LuccME/TerraME is an open source framework for spatially explicit Land Use and Cover Change (LUCC) modelling developed by the Earth System Science Center (CCST). Using LuccME/TerraME the modeler can easily create deforestation, agricultural expansion, desertification, forest degradation, urban sprawl models and other process models at different scales and areas of study, combining existing model components and/or creating new ones. Basic GIS (visualization) and multivariate statistical analyses skills are recommended (but not mandatory). No programming skills necessary. Contact