PhD programme and courses

Stockholm Resilience Centre offers its own PhD programme in sustainability science in addition to courses, seminar series and workshops for postgraduates

The Stockholm Resilience Centre PhD programme aims to develop researchers who are able to address the sustainability challenges of the Anthropocene.

The SRC approaches sustainability science from the perspectives of complexity and social-ecological interactions in the Anthropocene, a new and novel global epoch in which the social and the ecological are intertwined.

Based on this there are three key core propositions that provide the foundation for Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC) research:

1. People are part of the biosphere

2. People and nature are intertwined within integrated social-ecological systems

3. People need to respond to, engage with, and purposefully shape the biosphere to develop a sustainable future.

We aim to produce researchers who understand this area of sustainability science and have expert knowledge within a specific problem domain.

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Other courses, seminars and workshops

Under the umbrella "Resilience Research School" Stockholm Resilience Centre offers a variety of postgraduate activities in collaboration with other departments at Stockholm University.

PhD students of centre affiliated researchers, and who are already accepted at a department (read more here), are welcome to apply for enrollment in the Resilience Research School and take part of its resources - supervision, work, office, courses, workshops, seminars, networks, funds etc.

The school will contribute building the next generation of transdisciplinary thinkers and doers on social-ecological resilience and sustainable development. The training provided by the research school includes understanding of ecosystem dynamics as well as management, multilevel governance, and the capacity of interdependent social and ecological systems to adapt to and transform in the face of change. These are all characteristics of resilience in social-ecological systems. The Resilience Research School offers PhD courses on a regular basis as well as a collection of ad hoc courses.

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Compulsory PhD courses

Resilience Research School

For further questions, please contact Garry Peterson, head of subject in sustainability science,

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