SERSD student 2022-2024


Profile summary

  • Systems thinking
  • Complex systems
  • Resilience thinking
  • Dynamical systems
  • Transformations
  • Teaching

Zwetsloot is a MSc student at the Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development programme

Zwetsloot is a master’s student at the SRC. He came to the centre to combine his interests in sustainability and systems thinking, and to apply his quantitative skills in working with complex systems.

Zwetsloot has a broad background in physics, mathematics, and philosophy. He holds a BSc in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Utrecht, with an exchange semester at UC Berkeley, as well as a BSc in Physics and Astronomy from Utrecht University, with a minor in complex systems. He worked for one year in research and consultancy regarding sustainability transitions in the Netherlands.

Beyond academia you will often find him climbing rocks, balancing on slack lines, or wandering about in the outdoors.

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