SERSD student 2020-2022




Profile summary

  • Food-systems and food environments
  • Commons approaches
  • Qualitative methods
  • Systems thinking
  • Environmental governance
  • Seed systems

Josefa Voigt’s research interests include sustainable land-use and food systems, regime shiftsand climate policy

Voigt became aware of the work and approach of the SRC through engaging with the Planetary Boundary Framework during her undergraduate studies. Through the Master’s, she intends to broaden her methodological understandings and systems thinking abilities to build a toolbox for carrying out interdisciplinary sustainability research.

Voigt has a BASc with Honours in Global Sustainable Development and Business Studies at the University of Warwick. As part of her degree, she did an exchange semester at Monash University in Melbourne.

After her studies, Voigt assisted the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) of a European media and publishing house. Subsequently, she worked as a research assistant at an NGO to develop a climate plan and law, focusing on land-use, food and energy issues.

In August 2019, Voigt had the opportunity to attend the World Food System Centre (ETH Zürich) Summer School in Switzerland, which led to the opportunity to join the first WFSC alumni workshop in Assam, India.

She is also an alumna of the Interdisciplinary Food Systems Teaching and Learning (IFSTAL).

Currently, Voigt is engaging with commons-based seed initiatives, transformation frameworks, and systems thinking for her master’s thesis.

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