SERSD student 2020-2022




Profile summary

  • Food system sustainability
  • Food security
  • Agroecosystems
  • Environmental impact of agriculture
  • Food sciences
  • International trade
  • Quantitative methods

Vancoppenolle isa SERSD master student whose background and research interests are aroundsustainabilityinfood systems

Matthias Vancoppenolle is a master student in the SERSD master’s program. He holds a master’s degree in life science engineering with specializations in ‘Integrated Agronomy’ and ‘Sciences, technology, and quality of food products’ (2019, UCLouvain, Belgium).

After completing his master’s degree, Vancoppenolle worked for five months as a research assistant in the lab where he did his master’s thesis (‘Nutritional Biochemistry and Environmental Toxicology’, LIBST, UCLouvain). He was involved in a research project at the interface between nutrition research and cancer research. More specifically, his work focused on the anticancer properties of specific fatty acids that are found in the oils of certain fruit seeds.

Vancoppenolle then did an internship of five months at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (Bangkok, Thailand). He was part of the ‘Agriculture and Food Systems’group where he contributedprimarilytothe food safetydimension.

He is particularly concerned with the environmental impacts of food production, and health impacts of food consumption. Besides, he is increasingly interested in inequalityissuesat the global level (North-South), but alsoeconomic and social inequalities within countries.

Vancoppenolle also has a passion foreducation and teaching. During his bachelor’s and master’s degrees, he was involved in teaching as a course assistant in different subjects. He also did trainings in groups dynamics management, time management, and in using a personality and communication model (ComColors®), which aims at improving team work.

Vancoppenolle received the ‘CERA Award’and ‘De Vuyst Award’ for his master’s thesis at UCLouvain.

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