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Vera Telemo’s interest in environmental issues started in high school when she studied a programme specialized in marine biology. Realizing that many marine ecosystems are in a very poor state made her wonder why these topics were not a top priority for politicians. With this background she choose to study a year of political science and economics at Lund University and continued with a BSc in Environmental Science.

During her BSc she spent a year in University of California Davis studying sustainable agriculture and fishery management. She wrote her thesis on self-governance of the commons, using a case study of Swedish recreational lobster fishery.

At the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Vera is particularly interested in exploring the area of sustainable resource management. She has a great interest in fisheries, both from previous studies, but also from growing up on the west coast of Sweden where fishery management conflicts are constantly present.

She is also interested in how we frame environmental issues to move away from common pessimistic views of human interaction with nature, to a more positive perception of using environmental issues to drive change and create a better society.

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