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Märta holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Lund University, with courses in genetics, nature conservation, marine ecology and environmental law. During her Bachelor, Märta did a traineeship with Conservation International in Guyana, where she focused on the role of mangrove forests in Ecosystem Based Adaptation, as well as how to integrate a community-owned conservation area into the national protected areas system.

For her Bachelor thesis, Märta spent the final semester of her degree in South Australia, where she conducted research on juvenile fish communities in coastal habitats, looking at how the distribution of these are affected by climate change and rising sea surface temperatures. This experience further deepened Märta’s interest in mangrove ecosystems and their critical function in climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Towards the end of her Bachelor’s degree, Märta felt that she had gained invaluable knowledge about the biosphere but realized that no emphasis had been put on the interlinkages with humanity, she decided to steer off towards a more holistic approach to a healthy planet.

During her Master’s degree at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Märta wishes to gain deeper understanding for the close relationship between stewardship and regime shift theory. She is especially interested in how resilience and systems thinking can function as a foundation for adaptive governance, to improve management in ecosystem-dependent communities. Another area of interest is aquaculture, particularly looking at the linkages between production of seafood and the sustainable use of mangrove ecosystems.

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