SERSD student 2022-2024


Profile summary

  • Social justice
  • Transformations
  • Behavioral psychology
  • Social movements
  • Governance
  • Future imaginaries
  • Spirituality

Sivertsson is interested in the intersection of sustainability and social justice, as well as the power of imagination, active hope, and narration for large-scale and inner transformations.

With a BSc degree in Business & Economics, Sivertsson has worked the past 8 years in the private sector, more specifically as a creative project and production manager for communication and marketing projects in tech startups in Berlin, Germany. Alongside this work, they’ve been driving workplace sustainability strategy, and contributed as a volunteer with organizations like Leaders for Climate Action and Zero Waste Berlin Festival.

Sivertsson is a long-time yoga practitioner and 500-hours certified yoga teacher. Their most recent training was rooted in the practice and applied the lens of decolonization, social justice, and anti-racism. The spiritual and philosophical teachings of yoga and other Eastern traditions is a strong influence on their values, interests, and how they show up in the world.

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