Resare Sahlin

SERSD 2016-2018 MSc student



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Kajsa’s interest in sustainability science began as an interest in food systems and their core role for sustainable development. Travel and non-profit work led her into pursuing a transdisciplinary academic career. She holds a bachelor degree in Economics from Stockholm University and wrote her bachelor thesis on the determination and application of a Pigouvian tax to avert overfishing caused by the use of fishmeal in aquaculture. She minored in ’The Politics of Global Development’ and has also studied ecology, ecosystem service management, ecological economics, environmental law and project management.

After her bachelor she did a Sida internship in Tamil Nadu, India, working together with BERAS International and small-scale farmers on sustainable agricultural practises and promotion of sustainable food systems. She has also interned and worked at the environmental unit of the Swedish thinktank, Fores.

At Stockholm Resilience Centre, Kajsa is particularly interested in studying how policy can facilitate transformation into sustainable food systems, deepening her understanding of resilience in agro-ecological food systems, and exploring the connection between gastronomy and sustainability.

At her spare time, Kajsa is a keen urban gardener and enjoys climbing, hiking and horseback riding, as well as cooking and sipping coffee in the sun.

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