SERSD student 2021-2023



Profile summary

  • Governance and policy making
  • Protected areas
  • Project management
  • Civil society engagement
  • Development cooperation
  • Transformation

Reich is a MSc student at the Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development programme

Reich is especially interested in ecosystem management and governance in the context of change and uncertainty. Since joining the master’s program at the SRC she is increasingly inspired to learn more about complex systems analysis and transformations. She is also looking forward to get more engaged with topics related to gender, power structures and bringing together different knowledge systems.

Reich has a BSc in International Relations and Organizations from Leiden University which taught her the importance of an interdisciplinary, inclusive, and creative approach to international challenges. During her semester abroad at Antwerp University she could also deepen her knowledge about sustainable urban planning and circular economies.

She is currently partly working remotely for the Schmitz-Foundations as a project manager in development cooperation and processing project applications for small scale sustainable development projects abroad.

In November 2020, Reich had the opportunity to introduce her thesis “the impact of conservation of nature and wildlife on conflict” at the ISA - Midwest conference.

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