SERSD student 2021-2023




Profile summary

  • Marine governance
  • Integrated water resource management
  • Transformation
  • Financial sustainability
  • Blue economy

Jill Raval is interested in exploring ocean finance and diving deep into understanding transformations to secure ocean health and wealth

Raval joined the master’s program at the SRC to deepen her understanding of blue economy interactions and transformative strategies for ocean governance. She is interested in exploring financial sustainability of ocean related projects and increasingly intrigued by regime shifts and transformations.

Raval has 8 years of experience in addressing emerging environmental issues and working with a diverse group of stakeholders on topics addressing blue economy, marine litter, nutrient management, water security, and ecosystem-based adaptation.

At the beginning of her professional career, she worked at the World Resources Institute (WRI) on market-based approaches to tackle eutrophication and engaged with the private sector on issues addressing physical water risk.

Thereafter, she joined the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and worked there for six years as an Associate Task Manager. Her role involved working with local, regional, and national stakeholders especially in the Latin America and Caribbean region to develop freshwater and marine projects funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF). These projects focused on transboundary water and ocean governance and required working at both high-level policy and on the ground with the public and private sector.

Awards and achievements

  • Graduated with a Magna Cum Laude - Bachelor of Science in Environmental & Natural Resource Economics from University of Rhode Island.
  • Coastal and Environmental Fellow at the University of Rhode Island. Lead author on “Advancing the Adoption of Artificial Nitrogen Sinks.” Poster presented at the Coastal Fellows Symposium in 2012.
  • Conference presentation co-author “Advancing the Adoption of Artificial Nitrogen Sinks.” Poster presented at the AWRA Agricultural Hydrology and Water Quality Conference.
  • Co-author “Comparison and Effectiveness of Chesapeake Bay Nutrient Trading Program Policies.” United States Department of Agriculture Environmental Markets Issue Paper.
  • Co-author “Advances in Water Quality Trading as a Flexible Compliance Tool,” Chapter 7; Chesapeake Bay States: Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland. Water Environment Federation.
  • Contributor and reviewer of the “Using indicators for improved water resources management - guide for basin managers and practitioners.” 82 pp. ISBN 978-87-90634-05-6

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