BCom, BA

SERSD student 2018-2020




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Sasha Quahe is interested in the governance of complex environmental issues across different scales, and seeks to better understand how humans can adapt and transform their systems

Profile summary

  • Political science and international relations
  • EU governance
  • Education
  • Legal industry
  • Economics
  • Marketing and communications

Quahe earned a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the University of Western Australia (UWA). In her degree, she focused on Economics, Political Science and International Relations. Her Honours thesis analysed how the European Union was able to reach a political consensus on its 2009 Climate and Energy Package. She focused on the role of ‘obligated policy transfer’ as an institutional process that could be effective for the governance of transnational issues, such as climate change.

After graduating, Quahe participated in a research collaboration on ‘Regions in Crisis’ between UWA and the University of Tübingen, Germany. During this time, she researched the impact of crisis on how EU institutions handle climate and energy policy. She recently published a paper entitled “EU in crisis: what implications for climate and energy policy?”

Quahe worked for several years at Civic Legal, a law firm specialising in local government, commercial and insurance law. There, she managed marketing, communications, legal educational content, tendering and recruitment. This helped Sasha understand how laws operate within society and gave her broad experience with many different areas of the law. During this time, Quahe also developed a passion for clear writing, particularly on technical or legal topics.

Quahe is studying the SERSD Masters programme to develop a fuller understanding of resilience thinking and how to apply it, so that she can engage with the social-ecological challenges of our time.

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