SERSD student 2019-2021

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Profile summary

  • Urban development
  • Gender aspects of resilience
  • Environmental justice
  • Communications
  • Urban poverty in Brazil

Janice Pereira’s research interests include urban development and gender aspects of resilience theory

Given SERSD’s strong reputation in the field of resilience and sustainability, Pereira felt that the program would allow her to gain the scientific expertise required to address complex challenges faced by the urban poor in Brazil. She aims to specialize in urban development and resilience theory as it relates to gender, with the goal of understanding how current development trajectories in poor urban areas can be redirected to support social and ecological wellbeing.

Pereira holds a Bachelor's degree in Social Communication/Journalism from Universidade Federal do Ceará, Brazil. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she embraced a career committed to social and environmental justice. Through working with Fortaleza’s local government and NGOs in India and Brazil, Pereira has gained first-hand insight into the complexities of urban development and sustainability in the Global South.

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