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Conall graduated from University College Dublin with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, majoring in Sociology, with a minor in Politics Science in September 2015. During this program he built on a long standing interested in the challenges of the environment and the role of society in addressing these.

Conall’s main academic interests lie in stewardship and governance in the Anthropocene. Drawing on a broad interest in De-Growth theory and Actor-Networks-Theory, he is particularly interested in the use of Social Networks Theory (SNT) approaches to understanding equity in eco-systems services policy.

Conall is interested in navigating the tensions between ecological conservation and fiscal policy, and how they impact equitable social-ecological resilience. Drawing on his experience of sociology and politics, Conall hopes to deepen his understanding of SNT and the biosphere during his time at the SRC.

Most recently, Conall has worked as a Field-Support on the National Longitudinal Survey of Children in Ireland in the Economic and Social Research Institute (IE), where he lead focus groups and assisted interviewers on a large sample social research project. Conall also has past experience as an Independent Filmmaker and is interested in the representation of indigenous and expert knowledge on screen and in art more broadly.

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