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Vivika has a Bachelor’s degree in global development from Stockholm University. Her studies have combined knowledge from the fields of social anthropology, human geography, political science and economic history, providing an integrated understanding of the processes of the fast-changing globalised world. As part of her degree, she undertook an internship at SRC, working in the SPACES research project.

Being a food enthusiast in her private life, one of Vivika’s longstanding interests is in sustainable food systems, which can provide healthy, nutritious and tasty food for a growing population. She wrote her bachelor’s thesis in the SPACES project analysing different ways coastal communities in Mozambique and Kenya access food, and how this is related to their food security.

In order to get hands-on experience of farming in an economically poor country, Vivika volunteered on organic farms in northern Tanzania. There she farmed peanuts, beans and bananas together with local small-scale farmers while also taking part in other daily activities in the villages. This experience gave her valuable insights into the life of female small-scale farmers in Tanzania.

At SRC, Vivika is especially interested in performing research related to societal transformation towards sustainability. She is keen to discover ways in which to help humans reconnect to the biosphere, as well as in bridging traditional and academic knowledge. She is interested in finding ways to translate sustainability science into actions that can make a difference.

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