SERSD student 2019-2021

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Profile summary

  • Human-nature relationships
  • Communication, environment, and politics
  • Biosphere stewardship
  • Political science and international relations
  • Resilience in disaster risk management practices
  • Environmental governance and policy
  • Connecting young people with nature

Kristen Lindström is interested in the relationship between humans and nature and how these relationships influence biosphere stewardship as well as environmental governance and policy

Lindström is inspired by the big ideas and complex questions faced at the SRC center. The program drew her interest because it is unique, research-focused, trans-disciplinary and on the forefront of sustainability science and biosphere stewardship research. She is excited to explore resilience thinking at the master level and hopes to contribute in a meaningful way in the future.

Lindström holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of British Columbia, Canada with a specialization in international relations, as well as a diploma in international development. She is curious about many areas of research, including:
• the intersection between environment, communication, and politics
• political conflict and social unrest as a result of environmental degradation
• climate refugees and migration patterns
• gendered violence in war
• local and women’s knowledge of farming practices and their relationship to trans-national corporations and global food systems
• how individual perspectives of the natural world can be influenced through education to become better stewards of their environment
• how resilience thinking can influence disaster risk management practices

Prior to her bachelor studies, Lindström spent six years working as an emergency medical responder and safety technician in the Canadian oilfield and witnessed firsthand the affect of the industry on the environment and indigenous lands. This sparked an interest in sustainable development, environmental science and politics.

During her bachelor studies, she worked as a research assistant on a multi-disciplinary project entitled 'Engaging stakeholders in co-creating sustainable communities: a study on rural communities in the British Columbia interior', which engaged local stakeholders and municipal government to examine challenges faced by rural communities in implementing health promotion and community development strategies.

Lindström is passionate about investigating human relationships with the natural world and how these relationships influences knowledge systems, behaviour, governance, values and environmental management. Communicating environmental issues and science to the public in an accessible and interesting way is something she would like to explore. Lindström believes that instilling ideas of stewardship and passion for nature in young people can play a large role in improving human health and the future of environmental governance.

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