SERSD student 2021-2023




Profile summary

  • Systems thinking
  • Resilience assessments
  • Economics
  • Planetary boundaries
  • Ecosystem services
  • Audio engineering

Daniel Johansson is a MSc student at the Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development programme

Somewhere in the Mojave Desert, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail between Mexico and Canada, Daniel decided to study sustainable development in addition to his background in economics, realizing the value and meaning of solving the urgent challenges of the Anthropocene.

He has a broad interest for nature and sustainability and has a passion for deeper understanding of the world and thinking differently. Some areas of particular interest are systems thinking, complexities and dynamics of social-ecological interactions where he can make use of both creativity, analysis and problem solving.

Daniel holds a BSc in Business and Economics. As his bachelor´s thesis he studied legitimization of investments in fossil fuel companies by Swedish pension funds. He has a background in music and audio engineering from SAE Institute in Stockholm where he also worked as a teacher.

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