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For many years Lisa has been working as a science journalist, with medicine and health as special topics. Before her bachelor’s degree in journalism at Stockholm University, she completed two years of studies in medicine at Karolinska Institutet.

During more than ten years Lisa worked at the weekly newspaper Dagens Medicin. In 2012 she took up a post at the Swedish Cancer Society, a research funding organization, where she has been the managing editor for research communication and the annual report book Cancerfondsrapporten. This is a publication mainly targeting policymakers to improve the conditions for cancer research, healthcare and prevention. The report has a big impact in media and is appreciated and used by politicians as well as stakeholders within Swedish healthcare. Lisa has thus experience with PR and lobbying/advocacy. She also worked professionally with social media.

Working mainly in the health sector, Lisa always had a deep interest in environmental issues. Some years ago she attended ”Världens Eko” at Stockholm Resilience Center, and lately she has become increasingly interested in sustainable and healthy eating habits and food production.

Lisa is for now an independent student but aiming for a master’s degree. She would like to combine her skills in communication and medicine/health with more academic knowledge in sustainability. She is interested in how to communicate sustainability issues most efficiently to the public, and how behavioral change can be achieved through, for example, nudging and communication through different kinds of media. Another interest is to communicate research to achieve policy change in a sustainable direction.

- These groups conduct on-site management, long-term and place-based monitoring and provide quick responses to environmental change, Per Olsson says.

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