SERSD student 2019-2021




Profile summary

  • International relations
  • Human rights
  • Global environment politics
  • Global North/South issues
  • Gender equality and development in Latin America

Minda Holm is interested in issues concerning environmental justice, and is keen on exploring issues where environment issues intersect with the rights spectrum

Holm studied a Bachelor Degree in International Relations at Malmö University. During her studies, Holm did an exchange semester at LA Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, where she delved into issues such as global environment politics, democracy and development in the global south and aboriginal anthropology. Later, Holm did an internship at the Embassy of Sweden in Malaysia where she assisted in activities promoting relations between Sweden and Malaysia in terms of politics, trade and cultural exchange. She also wrote a report analyzing the current human rights situation in Malaysia. Upon completing her studies, Holm wrote a bachelor thesis investigating the influence of Neoliberal political ideology on sustainable development in Malaysia.

After her studies, Holm worked for the international human rights organisation ActionAid, mainly promoting women’s rights. Then she did an internship with the Swedish human rights organisation Svalorna Latinamerika in Bolivia. During the internship Holm assisted local partnership organisations in activities that promoted gender equality. Once she finished the internship, Holm received employment with Svalorna Latinamerika at their main office in Stockholm.

Holm is studying the SERSD Masters Programme to expand her knowledge on environmental sustainability and resilience. Holm is especially interested in issues concerning environmental justice and is keen on exploring issues where environment issues intersect with the rights spectrum.

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