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Viola holds a Bachelor’s degree in Global Development from Stockholm University. Her multidisciplinary background combines political science, social anthropology, economic history and human geography with a focus on development. Viola’s interest in human-environmental interactions led her to specialize in human geography during the programme.

Before starting the Master’s programme, Viola was involved in Seafood Trade, Ecosystems and People (STEP) project at SRC as an intern and later as a research assistant. During this period Viola wrote her Bachelor’s thesis in collaboration with the project. In the thesis, she used a value chain analysis to explore gender differences in fish trade in Zanzibar.

Viola has gained practical experience and understanding about global processes through working and volunteering in the non-governmental sector. Most recently, she did an internship at ActionAid Sweden, where she worked with resilience in developmental work. Gender equality and human rights have also been key issues in these working experiences.

Having a diverse background, Viola’s preliminary research interests include a range of topics, such as adaptive governance, learning and grassroot actions in local communities, as well as transformations. She sees a bottom-up approach as an important focus in pursuing sustainable and resilient development. At SRC, Viola hopes to gain more knowledge about research in the field of sustainability science and explore how the knowledge can be be transferred into action.

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