SERSD student 2018-2020

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Profile summary

  • Coral reefs
  • Spatial ecology
  • Network
  • analysis
  • Fisheries
  • Marine governance

Lina Gutierrez-Cala’s interests include marine policy and sustainability, particularly identifying the most relevant actors in oceanic economics to enhance marine ecosystem health and sustainable resource use

Gutierrez-Cala is interested in the SERSD programme because she wants to understand the nature of the Earth as a complex system, specially focusing on the cross-scale interactions that drive the trajectories of ecosystems and societies. She finds SERSD to be an ideal environment to promote collaboration, share ideas and pursue interdisciplinary science.

Gutierrez-Cala’s main interest is to become an integrative scientist, capable of addressing the highly complex social ecological challenges that Colombia is facing after peace agreements.

Gutierrez-Cala’s background is in biology, especially marine evolutionary ecology of corals and sponges. For the last four years she has worked on Caribbean coral reefs, understanding the dynamics of species interactions and its importance for ecological and evolutionary processes. Likewise, Lina has worked to understand the effect of environmental and human drivers on reef fish biodiversity, specifically economically relevant species. Additionally, Gutierrez-Cala has worked on paleoecology science, using ancient DNA techniques to characterize Pleistocene vegetation in Andean Mountains of Colombia, in order to infer past climate variation and gain insights into future climatic patterns.

Lina expects to build, and contribute to, an active research network engaging with researchers from diverse disciplines to address current and future challenges for social ecological systems sustainability.

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