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Leonie Guerrero Lara holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Economics from Heidelberg University. Within her studies she engaged in the “Real World Economics” student association that demands an increase of investigation and lecture of more plural economics trying to give answers to the multiple environmental and social challenges of the 21st century.

During her studies she gained research experience as a research assistant at the FEST interdisciplinary research centre in Heidelberg. Her work focused on measuring human wellbeing in several German communities. Furthermore, during her exchange semester at the UFRGS in Porto Alegre, Brazil, she did an internship at the Nucleus for Research on Sustainable Rural Development and the Atlantic Forest. This project, which aims at empowering traditional communities in southern Brazil and the maintenance of traditional knowledge, culture and agriculture, enhanced considerably her interest in social-ecological systems. Her thesis therefore investigated potential chances and challenges of Community Supported Agriculture - a concept that focuses on urban-rural linkage and promotes the reconnection of people to the biosphere in urban areas.

Leonie’s interests range from rural development, sustainable food production and food security – especially when based on traditional knowledge - to the design of urban spaces that provide a high quality of life and are rich in grassroots activities and ecosystem services.

At the SRC, she hopes to gain new insights in these topics wearing ‘resilience lens’. As for the research design, Leonie aims at a transdisciplinary research approach that enables a holistic understanding by including also relevant non-academic stakeholders.

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