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Mira has a Bachelor's degree in environmental science, with a major in physical geography. In the pursuit of deeper understanding in general and of systems in particular, she made sure her education gave as many perspectives as possible, from cell biology to philosophy. In her Bachelor's thesis she took on a landscape ecology framework and examined how the plant species diversity on hay meadows is affected by the surrounding landscape of today and of the landscape ~60 years back. Using GIS, existing species data, old maps and up-to-date spatial data, she earned few but clear insights of the behaviour of social-ecological systems.

Mira is interested in organisations in many ways, and she has profound experience of community organizing. Self organization and the psychological aspects of social-ecological governance and management systems are recurrent themes of interest. She is also interested in alternative business models and economies, such as open access systems and food networks. Mira is one of the first Swedes that examined the Collaborative Economy, a more commons based economy.

Mira is driven by love for people and gets inspired by the forest.

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