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David is a Master's studet with a sepcial interest in food, agricultural landscapes, and ecosystem management


David spent six years completing his Bachelor in Ecology at Stockholm University while he was simultaneously working, traveling and starting a family.

His Bachelor's thesis was on a study of the dynamics between fire, grazing and forestation programs (like REDD+) in African savannas, and their impact on forest cover, carbon storage and ecosystem services. During the writing process, he was repeatedly told by his supervisor to not involve the human dimension too much, but to keep to the question “ecological”. However, the human aspect kept his interest, which eventually brought him to the SERSD programme.

David’s greatest passion is food. He is interested in the impact of different foods and farming practises on the environment, ecosystem productivity, diversity, resilience, social security, equity, and human health. He is especially interested in studying the relationship between poverty and food security in the modern food system as well as the impact of different farming practises on ecosystem services.

David also has substantial personal experience with farming, both with large scale animals and grain production, as well as small scale horticulture and gardening.

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