SERSD student 2020-2022




Profile summary

  • Natural resource management
  • Strategic planning & monitoring
  • Sustainability
  • Ecology
  • Biodiversity
  • Conservation standards

Jineth Berrío-Martínez is a Master's student at the centre

Berrío-Martínez is studying the Master’s Programme to expand her knowledge in sustainability science, learn new tools and have insights into resilience thinking. During her MSc thesis, she is engaged in the Octopus and People In Novel Transdisciplinary Simulations (OctoPINTS) project, which is a research project based at the Stockholm Resilience Center. She is supervised by Emilie Lindkvist and co-supervised by Tim Daw.

She is inspired by the idea of linking theory and practice in resource management while combining different theories, approaches and methods. She is especially interested in studying social-ecological systems, human-nature interactions, and cross-scale interactions and how adaptive management can be applied to real-world challenges.

Her background is in biology and natural resource management. She has also received training from the Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet) to lead Conservation Standards-based projects and programs.

For almost five years, she worked with conservation NGOs in Colombia, where she conducted different projects and monitoring programs within protected areas and wider landscapes. While working with these organizations, she supported conservation project teams and conducted participatory planning processes at local and regional scales focus on the Amazon and Andean regions.

Berrío-Martínez has also done research on the ecology and reproduction biology of bats in the coffee agroecosystems using a mixed-methods approach. She also completed a research assistant internship in The Page Lab at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute STRI in Panama. These previous experiences have reinforced her ideas about the importance of transdisciplinary approaches and collaborations for sustainable management of natural resources.

Awards and achievements

  • COLCIENCIAS – Young Researchers and Innovators Program "Virginia Gutiérrez de Pineda” 2010 (Colombia)
  • Santander Bank – University of Alicante Ibero-American Scholarship Programme. Postgraduate Scholarship 2011 (Spain)