Asker Hagelberg


SERSD student 2022-2024



Profile summary

  • Co-creation of knowledge
  • Food systems
  • The rights of nature
  • Human-nature relationships
  • Systems thinking
  • Intersectionality
  • Education

Sophie Asker Hagelberg is is a MSc student at the Social-Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development programme

Asker Hagelberg is interested in the social-ecological resilience of food systems in general and gardening as an educational practice specifically. She is in the Master’s programme in social-ecological resilience to grow a deeper understanding for the complexity of social-ecological systems and to learn how to create change for a more just world.

Asker Hagelberg is also a keen a cappella singer. She takes inspiration from artists and writers that use their voices and words in a creative field to shine a light on human-nature relationships and the rights of nature.

Asker Hagelberg has a background in education and biology, as she holds an independent Bachelor of Arts in Education from Uppsala University. Her educational path thus includes themes of foundational courses in Biology and Biology Education, as well as History of Education and Education Policy.

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