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  • Complex adaptive systems theory
  • Resilience theory
  • Trait-based ecology
  • Agent-based modelling
  • Learning
  • Cross-scale
  • Wetland ecosystems

Jon Norberg’s research focuses on complex adaptive systems perspectives on social and ecological processes

Norberg works on theoretical and conceptual perspectives of complex adaptive systems applied to both biological and social systems. He does both modelling work using trait-based ecosystem models as well as linked social ecological systems using agent based models. Recent focus in the later topic is on learning processes and emergence and dynamics of norms.

Norberg has a background in biology and geology with focus on environmental and sustainability sciences. He got his PhD in systems ecology at Stockholm University. After a Postdoc at Princeton University with Professor Simon Levin he recieved an assistant research position at natural resource management at the Department of Systems Ecology, Stockholm University, which later transitioned to Stockholm Resilience Centre where he became a full Professor. He has been on one sabbatical with Professor Terry Hughes at James Cook University in Australia, and will be on a one year sabbatical at EAWAG in Zürich from mid-2019 to mid-2020 with Professor Francesco Pomati.

While Norberg's work mainly focusses on conceptual theory building, he also has a strong interest in building knowledge transfer and visualisation tools. He also represents the Stockholm Resilience Centre in the section for Biological Sciences at Stockholm University, and is a subject editor for the journal Ecology and Society.

Norberg is an appreciated teacher who currently leads the adaptive management module in the SRC Master's programme as well as Stockholm University’s online Master-level course “Introduction to Sustainability Science”.

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