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Annie James is an intern in the centre's communications team

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  • Natural resource governance
  • Tropical forest and forest dwellers
  • Sanitation
  • Development studies
  • Mechanical engineering

Annie has an interdisciplinary background and has worked with both NGOs and businesses in India. She has spent the last four years studying and working in the area of natural resource governance, with a special interest in understanding the pressures on tropical forests and forest dwellers. She wants to continue working on this topic most likely as an academic researcher.

Annie has recently completed a Post-graduate certificate in Environment from the University of Melbourne, Australia. In her 8 years of work, she has spent time as an automotive consultant, a teacher for children from low-income communities, a fundraiser and as a social sciences researcher. In her last assignment, she was involved in building a 'community of practice' of grassroots organisations working in the sanitation sector in Southern India.

Annie has an MA in Development Studies from the University of Sussex’s Institute of Development Studies, UK. She also has an MBA and holds an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Pune, India. For the MA, she received the World Bank Scholarship, the Chevening Scholarship and the Sussex Economic and Social Development Award.

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