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Abigayil Blandon's research focuses on marine sustainability

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  • Fisheries
  • Sustainable development
  • Marine management
  • Eco-certification
  • Ocean governance

Having complete her MSc at the Stockholm Resilience Centre in 2018, she currently works on two projects: SeaBOS and ORRAA. Her work for SeaBOS (Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship) involves conducting interviews with the largest Japanese seafood companies to map their shift towards more sustainable operations, as well as setting up a data management and collaboration platform for the project. ORRAA (Ocean Risk and Resilience Action Alliance) is a multi-stakeholder initiative looking to build global resilience to ocean risk, and her work here involves creating high level reports around future risks and vulnerabilities in various ocean contexts.

Blandon completed her Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and subsequently spent four years working for NGOs and government bodies within conservation and wildlife protection. Her MSc thesis at the SRC, supervised by Tim Daw and Jamila Haider, was subsequently published in Marine Policy as Conceptualisations of fisheries development in Eastern Africa over time and between actors. Blandon has also conducted work in Japan researching marine certification schemes in collaboration with the University of Tokyo.

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Blandon, Abigayil
Blandon, Abigayil

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