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Michelle Dyer looks at interactions between gender relations, socio-ecological resilience and development

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  • Gender analysis
  • International development
  • Women’s empowerment
  • Ethnography
  • Social theory in resilience
  • Anthropology of development
  • Feminist theory

Michelle’s main research theme is processes of gender relations and resilience in a development space. She is investigating conceptual frameworks used in gender relations and resilience, aiming to move these understandings forward into a generative space that promotes desirable resilience and development outcomes. Specific case studies will be used to test the developed conceptual frameworks as well as gender sensitive research practice; methodologically and analytically.

Michelle holds a PhD in Anthropology from James Cook University (Australia). She has a background in anthropological research using qualitative and ethnographic methods.

Since 2011 Michelle’s main research area has been gender relations, natural resource management and international development. Her research has focussed on women’s empowerment and community interactions with extractive industries at the intersection of development in Solomon Islands.

Michelle has worked both in and outside of the academy; as a lecturer, tutor and researcher at James Cook (Townsville) and Monash (Melbourne) Universities in Australia. She started her anthropological life as an anthropologist for a Native Title Representative Body in North Queensland, Australia, working on issues of land rights and extractive industries negotiations with Native Title holders. More recently she has worked as a gender analysts for international non-government organisations in the Pacific on development and sustainable livelihoods projects in agriculture and fisheries.

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