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Emma Björkvik's PhD research focuses on why, when, and how some Swedish fishers in the Baltic Sea fish sustainably, while others do not

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  • Qualitative methods
  • Quantitative methods
  • Changing societal and ecological contexts
  • Local ecological knowledge
  • Marine resource management
  • Baltic Sea

Björkvik is interested in marine resource management, particularly in the relationship between fishing practices, societal and ecological contexts and fishers’ local ecological knowledge.

In her research, Björkvik combines quantitative methods with qualitative in order to better understand the long-term development of Swedish coastal fisheries in the Baltic Sea and the potential of fishers’ local ecological knowledge in sustainable management of marine resources.

Before Björkvik started as a PhD student at the SRC, she worked as a research assistant at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. She has a MSc in Sustainability Science from Stockholm University and a BSc in biology from Gothenburg University.

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Bjorkvik, Emma

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Bjorkvik, Emma

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