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Based in Canada, Ryan Plummer is professor and director of the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre at Brock University


Plummer holds degrees from Lakehead University, the University of New Brunswick and the University of Guelph.

Plummer's research primarily concerns environmental governance and social-ecological systems. He studies the process of adaptive co-management and is striving to advance knowledge of collaboration, adaptation and adaptive capacity within complex systems. Water is the resource context around which most of his research occurs.

His current research involves the following four main funded projects:

- Diagnosing Processes and Outcomes in Social-ecological Systems: A Systematic, Cross-case Comparison of Adaptive co-management Initiatives

- Assessing the Outcomes of Collaborative Water Governance: A Canadian Perspective

- Climate Change Adaptation and Water Governance: Reconciling Food Security, Renewable Energy and the Provision of Multiple Ecosystem Services (CADWAGO)

- Applying Resilience to a Transboundary River System: Developing Surrogates for Governance (Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network)

Dr. Plummer works closely with colleagues in Canada and internationally. His work with graduate students is facilitated by his Associate Graduate Faculty status at the University of Waterloo as well as his role as a Faculty Investigator with the Water Policy and Governance Group.

He has authored/co-authored/edited multiple books, several book chapters and numerous journal articles. The outcomes of his research have been published in such journals as Ecology and Society, Society and Natural Resources, Journal of Environmental Management, Environmental Management, Ecological Economics, Global Environmental Change, and the UN journal, Natural Resources Forum.

He serves as an Associate Editor for Ecology and Society.


Plummer, Ryan

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Plummer, Ryan

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