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Nanda Wijermans is a researcher working with human behaviour and computational simulation in GRAID

Profile summary

  • Modelling human behaviour and decision making
  • Social simulation
  • Agent-based modelling
  • Natural resource management
  • Human behaviour
  • Fisher behaviour

Wijermans’s research focuses on understanding and formalizing of human behaviour in and on social-ecological systems. She uses agent-based modelling (computational simulation) to integrate and formalise case or expert knowledge, (social) theory and connecting to other methods to contribute to a deeper understanding.

At SRC, she works in GRAID and focuses on synthesising knowledge using agent-based modelling, i.e. comparing and exploring fishery case studies and interventions. Before GRAID, Wijermans worked in the SES-LINK project focusing on the role of human behaviour in diverse natural resource management projects. These projects concerned theory development (AgentEx), exploring the effect of assumptions on fisher behaviour (FIBE) and the role of complexity in SES inspired by Balinese irrigation (COBA).

Wijermans has a PhD in Social Simulation with a thesis titled ‘Understanding crowd behaviour’ and MSc in Artificial Intelligence, specializing in autonomous systems. Her multidisciplinary upbringing (mix of computer science, psychology, math, philosophy, etc.) and development towards social-ecological system research is a relevant addition to the variety of multi-disciplinary scientists at SRC.

Wijermans also engages in a number of scientific committees, such as: Active member of the European Social Simulation Association (Management committee, 2012-2016; Coordinator of a special interest group on Cognitive models in Social Simulation (2012-2016); Coordinator & organiser of ESSA@work workshops and conference tracks for modellers (2008-2016).

Wijermans, Nanda

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Wijermans, Nanda

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