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Elin Enfors Kautsky’s research centers on pathways for transformative change towards sustainability, and she also leads a section of the GRAID programme, which focuses on operationalizing resilience thinking in practice

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  • Pathways to transformation
  • Agro-ecosystems
  • Small-holders
  • Ecosystem servicesInnovation
  • System dynamics
  • Resilience assessment processes

Enfors Kautsky is a researcher as well as a research coordinator at the SRC. Her work can be summarized in three parts.

Currently she runs a research project funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency on the operationalization of the ecosystem services concept for strategic planning of sustainable development in a Swedish governance context. This work is based on a participatory case study based in the Helgeå catchment in Southern Sweden.

She is also involved in research on pathways for transformative change of smallholder agro-ecosystems in various locations across sub-Saharan Africa. This research focuses on the potential role of innovations for leveraging radical change processes, and highlights the interplay between multi-functional landscapes and poverty alleviation in a rapidly changing world.

A third main component of Enfors Kautsky’s work is the GRAID programme. She leads a section of the GRAID programme, which focuses on how to operationalize resilience thinking for practical development outcomes. This includes developing and testing new methods and tools, for example resilience assessment processes, but it also includes training and capacity building of development practitioners who want to use a social-ecological resilience perspective in their work.

Enfors Kautsky has a background in systems ecology and hold a PhD in Natural Resources Management (2009). After her PhD, she did a postdoc with CIRAD in Montpellier, France, where she worked on a project about the re-greening trend in the Sahel, and also served as an advisor to the Water, Land and Ecosystems programme of the CGIAR. Since 2012 she has been working at SRC in a number of different capacities, such as a researcher, a research theme leader, a module leader in GRAID, and as a teacher.

Enfors Kautsky has extensive experience of coordinating and managing international research collaborations, and of transdisciplinary field research. She also has substantial experience of organizing large scientific meetings. She was involved in the organization of the Resilience 2014 conference held in Montpellier in May 2014, and is currently assisting in the planning of Resilience 2017, to be held in Stockholm in August 2017. She was also one of two main convenors for the conference Transformations 2015 – People and Planet in the Anthropocene, held in Stockholm in October 2015.

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Enfors, Elin

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Enfors, Elin

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