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Cecilia Lundholm's research focuses on people's conceptions and learning about natur and society


In particular, she studies in higher education, as well as to fishermen and foresters managing their resources, and to citizens and their perceptions and actions relating to these issues.

Her book Environmental Learning: Insights from research into the student experience presents rich insights into the complexities and dynamics of students' environmental learning.

Current projects
Researching students' learning in environmental education and the social sciences
Together with PhD students Li Sternäng and Caroline Ignell Lundholm conducts research on students´ learning in EE in Chinese and Swedish contexts.

Researching learning in the management of social-ecological systems
The project aims to describe stakeholders' local ecological knowledge (LEK), how it is generated and its effect on natural resource management, and how knowledge about the ecosystem/resource is used for resource extraction and management.

Furthermore the aim is to identify factors important in impeding as well as enhancing knowledge build-up among local stakeholders, as well as communication of this knowledge among scientists, managers and local stakeholders.

In 2007 and 2008 she was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Education, Oxford University, and held a Leverhulme fellowship at University of Staffordshire.


Lundholm, Cecilia

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Lundholm, Cecilia

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