Buffalo woman, a 3 x 5 meter painting by Angela Lieble.

South America

A meeting between scientists and South American artists

Workshop in Uruguay in December 2013

Researchers from the Stockholm Resilience Centre participated in a four-day workshop organised by the South American Institute for Resilience and Sustainability Studies (SARA(S)2 in Uruguay. The importance of merging art and and sustainability science was discussed from many aspects.

Reflections on how successful scientists include methods from art in their work and how art can enrich scientific communication by opening for intuitive and emotional understanding were brought up.

Innovative ways to integrate art as well as question about integrating art in innovative ways for example in scenario making.

One of the artists the Centre had the pleasure to work with during the workshop in Uruguay was Angela Lieble. Lieble is a Chilean artist with a focus on the indigenous American culture and history, and the relation between human and nature.


SARA(S)² is an interdisciplinary research institute designed to catalyze high impact science that serves to enhance the region's long term resilience and sustainable development. The SARA(S)² building will be Located at the coast of Uruguay. Rather than having a permanent
scientific staff it will provide facilities for workshops, courses and sabbaticals.


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