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Tipping Point exhibition

Centre exhibition demonstrate the close links between humans and nature

If there is one message the centre is trying to convey to the world, it is that there are virtually no ecosystems that are not shaped by people and no people without the need for ecosystems and the services they provide.

An exhibition in Stockholm demonstrated these close interdependencies. Entitled "Tipping Point", the exhibition presented a range of curiously crafted installations with which visitors could feel, listen, play and discover what resilience, planetary boundaries, ecosystem services and biomimicry is all about.

"Tipping point"was hosted by Kulturhuset Stockholm and received over 17 000 visitors between March and June 2012.

Tipping point film, introduces the concept of tipping points. Produced by Guringo

Watermovie communicating how essential water is for all life on planet Earth. Produced by Guringo.

Exhibition partners

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The exhibition was a collaboration between Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm Environment Institute, Munktell Science Park, SWC Swedish Weather & Climate Centre, Albaeco, Energimyndigheten, Länsstyrelsen i
Stockholms län, SLL/Miljöbidraget, Antonia Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse
för Miljö och Utveckling. Guringo designed the exhibition.


Stockholm Resilience Centre is a collaboration between Stockholm University and the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

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