The Nobel Laureate Concert was a luminous musical programme conveying the spirit of the Nobel Laureate Symposium which took took place in Stockholm 2011. The concert took place 17 May at Eric Ericssonhallen, Stockholm.


The Nobel Laureate Choral Concert

A luminous consert at the Erik Eriksson hallen in Stockholm which was part of the 3rd Nobel Laureate Symposium on global sustainability in 2011

The concert was the premiere performance of Sven-David Sandström's new choral work Human Chain.

The theme of the concert was linked to the major issue of whether the world's societal system can be accommodated within planetary boundaries. The concert was by the Symposium organisers and the City of Stockholm.

Under the leadership of Professor Gustaf Sjökvist and his chamber choir, the premiere performance was given by Sven-David Sandström's specially commissioned choral work Human Chain with text by Seamus Heaney, Nobel Laureate in Literature 1995, from his critically acclaimed collection of poetry with the same title, which was published last year.

Human Chain was linked to important questions at the Nobel Laureate Symposium on how human societies can be transformed into sustainable systems in order to avoid exceeding the planetary capacity to support human development. The actor Elin Klinga recited the Heaney text as part of the choral performance.

The Adolf Fredrik Boys Choir also performed under the leadership of
Pelle Olofson. The scenography for the choral concert consisted of large
photographic banners installed in the Eric Ericson Hall, with images by
the photographer Mattias Klum.

Picture below: Nadine Gordimer, Nobel Laureate in Literature 1991, also read her short story The Ultimate Safari on the challenges facing a family fleeing Mozambique for South Africa, as told by a young black girl.

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