The Manna exhibition was a different exhibition about food, the environment and our hidden dependence on nature.

Manna: Our hidden dependence on nature

An unusual exhibition about the ecosystems behind our food.

Exhibited Washington, Reikavik and several places in Sweden since 2004

Manna was based on the latest trans-disciplinary environmental research with a particular focus on “urban" food like hamburgers and sushi. The goal was to show how the foods we eat originate from nature by using a visual, pedagogic approach to describe the food production system and the global trade system that we are all a part of. The visitors were also guided back in the production chains in order to show how many hundreds of liters of water are needed to produce a single bottle of beer. 

Manna was first exhibited in Stockholm autumn 2004. On request, it continued to various cities in Sweden, including Gothenburg, Malmö, Örebro, Landskrona and Linköping. The international version of Manna was displayed at the international conference "Resilience 2008" in Stockholm and then proceeded to Copenhagen for the "Copenmind conference" (September, 2008) and the "Living Green theme" of House of Sweden in Washington DC (April-June, 2009). 

The exhibition was closed down in 2010.


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