Hanitra Rasoanaivo, the charismatic lead singer of Madagascar's well known group Tarika Bé, visited Stockholm Resilience Centre to discuss music, art and environmental science with researchers from the centre.

Madagascar, music and sustainability

Malagasy music icon Hanitra Rasoanaivo visited the centre to discuss science, art and sustainability issues in Madagascar

At a seminar-cum-bar taking place at the centre in March 2013, Hanitra Rasoanaivo, charismatic lead singer of Tarika Bé and an internationally renowned cultural personality, presented her work and discussed the integration of science, music, and practice with researchers from the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Rasoanaivo is deeply engaged in using music and art to inform and influence environmental issues. In her work she combines the styles and instruments of many tribes with forceful, often political songwriting. She is also the
founder of the Antshow Cultural Center, established to promote Malagasy arts and artists.


The Stockholm Resilience Centre has a long history of transdisciplinary research on Madagascar, ranging from livelihoods and culture among agropastoralists and fishermen to the role of sacred rites protecting "taboo" forests.


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