Art exhibition during the Resilience 2008 conference. Photo: B. J. Lokrantz/Azote

Art exhibition

Changing matters

Art exhibition organised in relation to the Resilience 2008 conference

A central message of the Resilience 2008 conference was that resilience is not just an ecological issue - it involves ecological, economic, cultural, ethical and other social dimensions and values.

To explore this and to complement and enhance the scientific conference, artists were invited to submit proposals for an exhibition called Changing Matters, which took place between 12 April and 7 September 2008 at the Swedish Museum of Natural History (Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet).

The exhibition, which was visited by more than 45000 people, was set up as an integrated part of the Resilience 2008 conference and sought ways to interpret and communicate resilience in new ways.

Read more about the conference here


Gunilla Bandolin/Sverker Sörlin (SWE), Center of Attention (FRA/ENG), Olle Cornéer, Christian Hörgren and Martin Lübke (SWE), Todd Gilens (USA), Paul Matosic (ENG), Teemu Mäki (FIN), Tuula Närhinen (FIN), Michael Rodemer (USA), Etta Sävfe (SWE), Angelo Vermulen (BE) and Christine Ödlund (SWE).


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