Brian Walker, Elinor Ostrom and John Finisdore are the first ones out in a new video series called Stockholm Whiteboard seminars which will also be available on Youtube.
Centre introduces Stockholm whiteboard seminars
Close encounter with top scientists and a whiteboard.
Together with Albaeco, the centre has developed a new video seminar concept called the Stockholm Whiteboard Seminars.

Stripped for flashy powerpoints and lengthy analysis, the seminars provide an opportunity to get a short, crisp, close and intimate encounter with a top scientist in the field of sustainable development.

Back to basics
The whiteboard seminars aims to move away from lengthy presentations and go back to principles of keeping it short and simple. Only equipped with a black pen and a whiteboard, the scientist presents has approximately seven minutes to present a key issue within resilience and sustainable development.
First one up in the series was Brian Walker, leading Australian ecologist and board member of Stockholm Resilience Centre, who explains what resilience theory and trauma surgery have in common:


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