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Forum brings sustainability science together with leading thinkers from Swedish business.

Leading up to the 20th anniversary of the first Earth Summit in Rio, Rio+20, SRC together with SEI, Stockholm School of Economics and the af Jochnick Foundation are hosting a forum for Swedish business leaders.

A meeting place for leading thinkers
Sustainable Business in a Sustainable World is a high-level science/business forum that will bring together CEOs, corporate executive teams, leading scientists and policy-makers to explore how to implement and manage the transformation to sustainability.

The purpose of the forum is to place the latest science and megatrends in the context of today's corporate challenges. The forum will be a meeting place for leading thinkers from business, science and politics.

"The business community has a vital role to play in the process of transformation and adaptation towards a more sustainable world. It's important to take a long-term perspective and lead the effort of finding new ideas that can deliver on-the-ground sustainability, and not just identify problems, " says SEI Executive Director Johan Kuylenstierna.

Encouraging dialogue
The forum sets out to provide a scientific update on sustainable development, thresholds and scenarios beyond business as usual. Researchers, business leaders and stakeholders will also present strategies for sustainable innovation.

Inspiring examples from the business world will be presented, responding to critical issues facing corporations today.

The focus throughout the event is to encourage an increased dialogue with business leaders to promote a sustainable development.

"We believe that increased dialogue and closer cooperation between the worlds of business and science can lead to more stable and sustainable solutions, with short- and long-term advantages for global competitiveness," says centre director Johan Rockström.

This belief will hopefully spread also in the business world.

"The transition to sustainability is an exciting but challenging journey. To develop relevant know-how and useful references is crucial. I hope and believe that this forum, due to its interesting combination of perspectives, will assist in that challenge," says Magnus Brännström, CEO of Oriflame Cosmetics, one of the core sponsors of the event. DeLaval and Nordea are also core sponsors, and Vattenfall is a sponsor.

800 Swedish CEO's have been invited to attend the forum which will be held at the Stockholm School of Economics on May 31st, between 08.00-18.30.

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