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Research news | 2015-03-19
Think global, act local or risk losing the world’s iconic natural treasures, new study in Science argues
Research news | 2015-03-19
Nature Commentary: Meeting global food needs requires increased rainwater harvesting in Africa
General news | 2015-03-13
Transformations2015 - People and Planet in the Anthropocene will be held in Stockholm, October 5-7 2015.
Research news | 2015-03-13
Takes place October 5-7 2015. Keep checking in here for updates
Research news | 2015-03-12
New initiative will help establish pathways to attain the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Research news | 2015-03-11
Rigid regulations, not marked dynamics or fish stocks, leave fishers more specialised and inflexible
Research news | 2015-03-05
First in-depth analysis of a resilience assessment put into practice. See video
Research news | 2015-02-19
Changes in Baltic Sea ecosystems will cause financial losses up to 120 million euros per year
Research news | 2015-02-19
Seven principles for building resilience in social-ecological systems
Research news | 2015-02-19
An introduction to a popular but often confusing concept
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