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LEAP leadership programme held again this autumn

LEAP our leadership programme designed for changemakers that want to lead social-ecological transformations to sustainability. Application deadline is 5 August 2018.

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  • LEAP is a leadership programme for system entrepreneurship and transformations to sustainability
  • Applications are due 5 August 2018 and are open to 25-40 year-old citizens or permanent residents from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Sweden or Ukraine
  • Module 1 runs 5-10 October 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, and Module 2 runs from 12-17 November 2018 in one of the programme countries

Transforming to a sustainable future, and working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) requires progressive thinking and radical change. This type of transformative change must consider how complex, environmental and social problems are linked, and how they can be addressed by the root of their cause. This is a big task and requires individuals who can take the leap in leading this change. The LEAP programme, a joint initiative with the Swedish Institute (SI), aims to do just that.

LEAP is a leadership programme designed for system entrepreneurship and transformations to sustainability in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe. Programme participants will address some of the world’s most pressing social and ecological challenges while exploring opportunities to build meaningful and scalable solutions. Together, participants will begin a journey to co-create a new ecosystem of change makers that serve both people and planet.

LEAP is now accepting applications for this autumn, with a deadline of 5 August 2018. Applications are open to 25-40 year-olds from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Sweden or Ukraine.

The programme consists of two week-long modules, and an independent assignment in between. Module 1, Human and planetary thriving,will take place from 15-20 October in Stockholm, Sweden, and Module 2, Societal change and sustainability transformations, will take place from 12-17 November in one of the LEAP programme countries.

LEAP programme

How to apply

LEAP was designed for participants to take the initial step in a lifelong journey that contributes to co-creating a new ecosystem of changemakers that serve both people and the planet

Per Olsson, programme director

LEAPing to a sustainable future for people and planet

The LEAP programme seeks leaders and change makers who are promoting innovative ways of tackling complex, linked social and environmental problems at their roots: highly skilled developers, entrepreneurs, creative designers and intrapreneurs, who have new ideas or innovations that they have introduced or want to introduce. Government officials, financiers, or researchers who work for institutions that help innovations to flourish are also welcome to apply. An important part of the programme is to link participants together and create ecosystems of change makers who jointly can act as systems entrepreneurs and increase the transformative impact on society.

Through the programme, participants will:

  1. Gain an in-depth understanding of human influences on the planet and how humanity is an integral part and fully dependent on functioning ecosystems.
  2. Develop skills in value-based leadership and systems entrepreneurship that enables sustainable development that combines technological, ecological, economic and social aspects.
  3. Learn to identify and create social innovations with the potential to contribute to large-scale systemic changes and transformations needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
  4. Develop skills in linking innovations to necessary social, political and economic resources to scale solutions in ways that strengthen the relationship between people and planet.
  5. Learn to build networks (ecosystems) of change agents that span regions, sectors and problem domains for new, effective collaborations for planetary and social sustainability.

LEAP programme

How to apply

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How to apply

Per Olsson is the programme director for LEAP. His research focuses on agency and system entrepreneurship, social-ecological innovations, and transformations to sustainability.