Galaz, Victor

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Research news | 2017-01-25
Centre researcher and deputy science director Victor Galaz focuses on politics for sustainability in complex global societies
Research news | 2016-10-05
Global examples of a thriving sustainable social-ecological future published
Research news | 2016-08-24
How to use planetary boundaries as a guide for human ingenuity and innovation
Research news | 2016-03-23
Biodiversity observations on Twitter can contribute to ecological monitoring
Research news | 2015-09-23
Hidden ecological effects of algorithmic trade and new financial instruments
Research news | 2015-06-23
New Lancet commission on health and climate change presents opportunities and solutions amid serious climate change
Research news | 2015-04-01
Exploring the linkages between disease, ecosystems and wellbeing in five possible future scenarios
Research news | 2014-12-12
Centre researchers collaborated with students from leading school in advertising education to visualise scientific concepts
Research news | 2014-12-01
New report explors pathways and gaps towards transformative change of governance
Research news | 2014-09-11
Researchers join forces to strengthen research on global social-ecological connectivity


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