Publications by Victor Galaz

Peer-reviewed articles

Galaz, V. (2012). “Geo-engineering, Governance and Social-Ecological Systems”, Ecology and Society, 17(1):24.

Galaz, V., F. Biermann, M Nilsson, C Folke, P Olsson (2012). “Global environmental governance and planetary boundaries: An introduction”, Ecological Economics, 81:1-3

Galaz, V., F. Biermann, B. Crona, C. Folke et. al. (2012). “Planetary Boundaries – Exploring the Challenges for Earth System Governance”, Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 4:1-8.

Galaz, V., B. Crona, H. Österblom, P. Olsson, C. Folke (2011). “Polycentric Systems and Interacting Planetary Boundaries: Emerging Governance of Climate Change – Ocean Acidification – Marine Biodiversity”, Ecological Economics, 81:21-32.

Folke, C., Jansson, Å., Rockström, J., Olsson, P., Carpenter, S., Chapin, F., Crépin, A.S., Daily, G., Danell, K., Ebbesson, J., Elmqvist, T., Galaz, V., Moberg, F., Nilsson, M., Österblom, H., Ostrom, E., Persson, Å., Peterson, G., Polasky, S., Steffen, W., Walker, B., Westley, F. (2011) “Reconnecting to the Biosphere”, AMBIO, 40(7): 719-738.

Westley, F., Olsson, P., Folke, C., Homer-Dixon, T., Vredenburg, H., Loorbach, D. Thompson, J., Nilsson, M., Lambin, E., Sendzimir, J., Banerjee, B., Galaz, V., van der Leeuw, S. (2011). “Tipping Toward Sustainability: Emerging Pathways of Transformation”, AMBIO, 40(7): 762-780.

Duit, A., V. Galaz, K. Eckerberg and J. Ebbesson (2010). ”Governance Resilience and Complexity”, Global Environmental Change, 20: 363-368.

Galaz, V., F. Moberg, E-K Olsson, E. Paglia and C. Parker (2010). "Institutional and Political Leadership Dimensions of Cascading Ecological Crises", Public Administration, 89(2): 361-380.

Galaz, V. (2009). “Pandemic 2.0 – Can Information Technology Really Help Us Save the Planet?”, Environment, Nov-Dec, 51(6): 20-28.

Walker, B., S. Barrett, S. Polasky, V. Galaz, C. Folke et. al. (2009). “Looming Global-Scale Failures and Missing Institutions”, Science 325 (5946):  pp. 1345 – 1346.

Galaz, V., B. Crona, T. Daw, M. Nyström, Ö. Bodin, P. Olsson (2010). "Can Web crawlers revolutionize ecological monitoring?", Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 8(2): 99-104.

Galaz, V. with A. Duit (2008). “Governing Complexity – Insights and Emerging Challenges”, Governance, 21(3): pp. 311-335.

Olsson, P., C. Folke, V. Galaz, T. Hahn, and L. Schultz. (2007). “Enhancing the fit through adaptive co-management: creating and maintaining bridging functions for matching scales in the Kristianstads Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve Sweden”, Ecology and Society 12(1): 28.

Galaz, V. (2007). "Water governance, resilience and global environmental change – a reassessment of integrated water resources management", Water Sci Technol; 56(4): pp. 1-9.

Galaz, V. (2005). ”Social-Ecological Resilience and Social Conflict – Institutions and Strategic Adaptation in Swedish Water Management”, Ambio, 34(7), pp. 567-572.

Galaz, V. (2004): “Stealing from the Poor? Game Theory and the Politics of Water Markets in Chile”. Environmental Politics, Vol. 13, Nr. 2, pp. 414-437.

Peer-reviewed book chapters

Olsson, P. and V. Galaz (2012). “Social-ecological innovation and transformation”, in Social Innovation: Blurring Sector Boundaries and Challenging Institutional Arrangements. A. Nicholls and A. Murdoch (eds). Palgrave MacMillan: pp. 223-247.

Galaz, V. (2011). ”Double complexity – information technology and reconfigurations in adaptive governance”, in Boyd, E. and C. Folke (eds.), Adapting institutions – Governance, Complexity and Social-Ecological Resilience. Cambridge University Press: 193-215.

Olsson, P. and V. Galaz (2010). "Transitions to adaptive approaches to water management and governance in Sweden" in D. Huitema and S. Meijerink  (eds). Water Policy Entrepreneurs. A research companion to water transitions around the globe. Edward Elgar, London: 304-324.

Galaz, V., P. Olsson, T. Hahn, C. Folke and U. Svedin (2008). "The Problem of Fit among Biophysical Systems, Environmental and Resource Regimes, and Broader Governance Systems: Insights and Emerging Challenges", in Oran R. Young, Leslie A. King and Heike Schröder (eds.). Institutions and Environmental Change - Principal Findings, Applications, and Research Frontiers. The MIT Press, Cambridge. pp. 147-182.

Galaz, V. (2006): “The Rönne and Em Rivers: Resilience, Networks and Bargaining Power in Water Management” in Rydin, Y. and E. Falleth (eds.) Networks and Institutions in Natural Resource Management, Edward Elgar, London: 181-200.

Other scholarly work

Galaz, V., S Cornell, J Rockström (2012). “Planetary boundaries concept is valuable”, Nature 486, 191 (14 June 2012) doi:10.1038/486191c (Correspondence)

Galaz, V. (2011). “Governing a Complex Earth system”, Op-Ed for Earth System Governance Project, published online October 4th, 2011:

Galaz, V. (2010). “På jakt efter den digitala demokratins mekanismer – Litteraturgranskning av Politik 2.0”, Statsvetenskaplig tidskift, 3:434-438.

Galaz, V. (2009). Lennart J. Lundqvist 2.0, In M. Anthonsen, S. Jagers (eds.). Rätt grönt - en vänbok till Lennart J. Lundqvist. Göteborg University, Göteborg.

Galaz, V. (2003): Privatizing the Commons - Natural Resources, Equity and the Chilean Water Market. Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO)/LOM Ediciones, Santiago de Chile.

Galaz, V.,T. Hahn and A. Terry (2006). Ecosystem Governance in Europe. Report for the project Governance and Ecosystems Management for the Conservation of Biodiversity (GEMCONBIO).

Educational material

Galaz, V. (2012). “Are Interdisciplinary Team Innovation Skills Possible to Teach? A Literature Synthesis and Application for Advanced Education at the Stockholm Resilience Centre”, Essay for pedagogical course.

Galaz, V (2010). “World of Worldcraft and Ecological Crises” in Osäkrat klimat- laddad utmaning, Formas, Stockholm. [both in Swedish and English]. Book chapter about non-linear change and crises for high-school students. 2010.

Galaz, V. (2005). “Spelteoretiska perspektiv på miljön” in S. Jagers (ed.). Hållbar utveckling som politik. Liber, Stockholm.

2000: co-wrote an evaluation of my home departments internal seminar culture (with Lena Wägnerud, Department of Political Science, Göteborg University). [Det akademiska livets hjärta - eller? En utvärdering av seminarieverksamheten vid Statsvetenskapliga institutionen Göteborgs universitet. 2000.]

Popular Science Works

Galaz, V. (2011). “Ingenjörerna som försöker rädda jorden, Svenska Dagbladet, Under Strecket, 2011-05-19.

Galaz, V. (2011). “En smittsam smältdegel”, Internationella Studier, 1: 34-25.

Galaz, V. (2010). “Den planetära ingenjörskonsten”, Framtider, 4: 4-5.

Galaz, V. (2010). “Har de sociala medierna öppnat Pandoras ask?”, Under Strecket, Svenska Dagbladet, 2010-02-16.

Galaz, V (2009). “Upptäck nästa pandemi på Twitter”, Under Strecket, Svenska Dagbladet, Kultur, 2009-05-29.

Galaz, V (2008). “När marken skälver”, Essä, Dagens Nyheter, Kultur. 2008-11-26.

Galaz, V (2007). "Varning för klimatkrisens överraskningar", Under Strecket, Svenska Dagbladet, Kultur, 2007-10-25.

Galaz, V. (2007). "Klimat och politik", Essä Dagens Nyheter, Kultur, 2007-03-14

Galaz, V. (2007). "Jordens akilleshälar synas i komplexa system", Miljöforskning, nr 4, 2007.

Policy Reports and Policy Communication

Convention on Biological Diversity (2012). “Impacts of Geo-engineering technologies on biodiversity, including social, economical and cultural considerations”. Convention on Biological Diversity, Montreal.

Christoplos, I., S. Anderson , M. Arnold, V. Galaz and R. Klein (2009). The Human Dimensions of Climate Change. International Commission for Climate Change and Development. Stockholm, Sweden.

Galaz, V., T. Downing, K. Warner, F. Thomalla (2008). "Ecosystems under Pressure - linking ecosystem services, climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction". Policy brief to the International Commission on Climate Change and Development. Stockholm Resilience Centre/Stockholm Environmental Institute/United Nations University. Jan/Feb 2008.

Falkenmark, M. and V. Galaz (2007). ”Water, Agriculture and Ecosystems”. Policy Brief in collaboration with Swedish Water House and the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI).

Galaz, V., E. Boyd, P. Olsson, J. Norberg, and A.S. Crepin (2007). Klimat och resiliens – underlagsrapport till statliga Klimat- och sårbarhetsutredningen (SOU 2007:60). [Climate and Resilience: Expert report to the Swedish Government Inquiry on Climate Change and Vulnerability].

Moberg, F. and V. Galaz (2006). Resilience: Going from Conventional to Adaptive Freshwater Management for Human and Ecosystem Compatibility. Swedish Water House Policy Brief Nr. 3. SIWI, 2005.

Galaz, V. (2006). Does the EC Water Framework Directive Build Resilience? Policy Report, Stockholm Water House/Stockholm International Water Institute.

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